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Suburban Water Heater Anode Rod

Suburban Water Heater Anode Rod

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This anode for Suburban water heaters absorbs the corrosive action caused by hot water. The sacrificial, magnesium anode equalizes aggressive water action providing cathodic protection for the interior of the tank. Frequency of anode replacement will vary depending on the water conditions and usage, however in most conditions anode rods should last at least one year. Operating the water heater without the anode voids the manufacturer's warranty. The anode can be located by opening the water heaters exterior access door, it is positioned in the bottom center of the water heater control housing. Unscrew the rod to drain the tank. If the rod is mostly eaten away replace with a new one.

Features / Specifications:

  • Genuine Suburban anode rod for Suburban water heaters
  • Absorbs corrosive action caused by hot water
  • Prolongs the life of your Suburban water heater
  • Magnesium construction
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