2008 Oxford Roadmaster - leaking windows & wood rot

This2008 Oxford Roadmaster caravan had some rather bad leaking windows. As a result of the leaking windows, the wall lining under the windows bubbled with the moisture, the upholstery on the window ledge grew mould, the timber under the front lounge squabs was rotten, and carpet under the lounge was rotten. The floor boards under the rotten carpet was damp.

1970's Concord Caravan - Refurbishment

Thisfunky 1970s Concord needed a lot of TLC. 
A complete refurbishment & repaint resulted in a very smart looking retro caravan

2 Berth Campervan - Underbed Storage

ThisVW LT35 2 berth campervan was straight off the rental fleet. Quite often these campervans do not have storage enclosures under the seats / beds as this makes it convenient for tourists to store their bags & suitcases in this space.  Please see photos to the left

We built storage enclosures and storage bins with lids on hinges. We also put new squab covers on. Looks fabulous. Please see photos to the left.

After ...

2007 Ford Transit campervan with rotten floor

This2007 Ford Transit campervan was brought in with a spongy floor. The moisture had even started to seep through the lino in the kitchen.

It wasn't until we removed the kitchen and lino that the extent of the water damage started to become clear. And once the floor boards were taken up, the extent of the rust on the floor frame was a real surprise.

The rust was removed as much as possible, and the floor frames then treated with galv paint.
A new floor was laid, and the kitchen units replaced.
It seems the water was getting in through a hole in the wheel arch. If you own a one of these vehicles, our advice is to get this potential problem checked out ASAP.

Fleetwood Colchester - rotten window frames

This1994 Fleetwood Colchester had some major damp issues. Moisture had made it's way inside the walls and started to rot away the timber frames for the windows. There wasn't much holding the windows in place in the end. Please see photos below.

After a complete re-build of the timber frames, there was plenty of support for the windows and the exterior of the van. Please see photos below.