About Us

The Gipsy Team

Director: David Croot 

Shop Manager: Lisa Bruce

Shop Assistant: Emma Bruce

Administration Manager: Nicola Croot 

Factory workers:
- Hayden Croot
- Raymond Ta Tau

*October 1951, work started on the first Gipsy Caravan, which was completed by Christmas 1951 
*Initially the company traded under the name of Crotan Caravan Products, and was mostly involved in the manufacture of private and commercial vans and in the making of all types of caravan parts & awnings. The company founders were Frank and Laura Croot. Frank’s background was in engineering
*In 1955, the company name was changed to Gipsy Caravans Ltd, and started specialising in caravan building only
*In the early days of Gipsy Caravans, a great number of commercial vehicles (pie carts, catering vans, mobile dental clinics, etc) and mobile homes (living accommodation for the show and circus people) were built
*In 1961, Frank & Laura’s son, Robin Croot, joined the company full time, after being involved part time since a young age. Robin and wife Wendy are the current Directors of Gipsy Caravans
*The business flourished through the sixties and early seventies as more holiday style caravans were built, with the 10’ to 14’ vans the most popular size
*In the early 1970’s, Robin Croot took over as General Manager, and staff numbers grew to 28 in the mid 70’s
*In May 1978, Muldoon’s National Government introduced the sales tax on caravans. All caravan orders, except 2, were cancelled over night. All staff were given notice, with only Robin and the Factory Manager staying on to complete the current jobs
*It took 4-5 years for the caravan business to pick up again. 
*Frank Croot retired in the late 1970’s and passed away in 1980, at which time Robin Croot became Governing Director
*In 1989, Gipsy Caravans incorporated Classic Caravans, when Phil May, the then owner of Classic Caravans retired
*In 1983, the staff had increased to 8, but to date, the staff level has never reached the heights of the mid 70’s. The old factory was too small due to the increased size of the caravans being built. A new 4,500 sq. ft factory was built
*The original factory (3 army barracks from McKays Crossing at Paekakariki: 2 side by side & one on top) has since been leased out to various other local companies. It is currently occupied by NZ Golf Outlet.
*About the same time, the land and house of the adjoining property was purchased, and this became the sales office and show room
*In 1996, the original Gipsy Caravans was taken over by Robin and Wendy Croot, and the name changed to Gipsy Caravans 1996 Ltd
*In 1997, Robin & Wendy’s son, David Croot, returned from living in Sydney, to take over the Factory Manager’s position. David is now the third generation of caravan builders in the Croot family
*Robin and Wendy’s daughter, Nicola Croot, had been involved in the company from a very early age, but joined the company full time in 2004 as Administrative Manager, and continues this position today
*Robin Croot semi-retired in 2008, but can still be seen around the factory and yard on an almost daily basis
*In April 2009, Robin and Wendy’s other son, Andrew Croot, returned from living abroad, to help with marketing and management issues, as well as sales on the yard

*In April 2013, Lisa Bruce took over as Accessory Shop Manager.  Lisa has built the shop into a thriving part of the Gipsy Caravans business and is an expert on caravan and motorhome parts and accessories

*In October 2014, Hayden Croot became the fourth generation of caravan builders in the Croot family, adding an extra pair of hands to our experienced factory team

*In March 2015, Andrew left the family business for adventures in Wellington. Glen McDermott joined the team as vehicle salesman and Lisa's daughter, Emma Bruce, joined the Gipsy team as shop assistant and took charge of our online store

*In February 2016, Brian Anderson returned to Gipsy Caravans after 25 years to take over as the Vehicle Sales Yard Manager, due to his hard work and enthusiasm the sales of vehicles have increased significantly

*In July 2018, Brian Anderson purchased the vehicle sales division of Gipsy Caravans.

*In April 2021, David Croot took over the family business now known as Gipsy Caravans 2021 Ltd. 70 years on and Gipsy Caravans Factory and Accessories Shop remains a 100% New Zealand owned and operated by the founding Croot family