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Quell Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Quell Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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A carbon monoxide alarm detects dangerous CO emissions from sources such as poorly burning appliances or blocked flues. The Quell carbon monoxide alarm provides you and your family with a loud warning signal in response to elevated levels of carbon monoxide. The digital display feature feature allows for easy viewing of carbon monoxide levels. With LED indicators to show you that the alarm is working as it should and if CO is detected, you can have peace of mind with the Quell CO alarm. Providing continuous monitoring of CO levels, this alarm is easy to install with no wiring required and is backed by a 10 year warranty. Suitable for all living areas, CO alarms are intended to supplement conventional smoke alarms, not replace them.


  • Electrochemical CO sensor
  • Continuous monitoring of CO levels
  • Easy to install alarm suitable for all living areas
  • Peak level memory displays highest CO concentrate since last reset
  • Self activation when attached to mounting bracket
  • Test/reset button tests alarm circuitry/horn and resets memory after alarm sounded
  • LED indicators for operating properly, CO detected or fault mode
  • Deactivation switch disables alarm for safe battery disposal at end of life
  • Power supply: AAA alkaline batteries x3 (included)
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Alarm sound (min): +85dB @ 3M
  • Humidity range: ≤90% relative humidity (RH) non-condensing
  • Approvals: Carbon Monoxide Alarms complying with BS EN 50291-2:2010 
  • Dimensions (mm):195x220x50
  • 10 Year limited warranty (excludes battery)
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