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Gipsy Caravans

PVC Exterior Muller Vent

PVC Exterior Muller Vent

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The Muller vent is a highly economical extraction type roof vent constructed from a durable ABS plastic to avoid rust and reflect heat. It has a very low profile, designed in a tidy 'teardrop' shape. This vent has a flow-through air design often referred to as the 'venture effect'. When the vehicle starts moving, the air flows through the inlet at the front, then exits via the rear of the vent. During this process a vacuum is created drawing stale air out from inside your vehicle continuing to occur when stationary. Water is unable to enter the vehicle when raining, it is designed to direct water or insects out of the rear of the vent. Ideal for use in Caravans, Motorhomes or RV's.

Features / Specifications:

  • Low profile, stylish teardrop shape
  • White ABS plastic construction
  • Venturi extraction action
  • Can still circulate air when stationary
  • Rain cannot enter the vehicle via the vent
  • Ideal for use in Caravans, Motorhomes or RV's
  • To cover a recommended opening of 125mm diameter
  • Overall dimensions (mm): L285 x W185
  • Inner dimensions (mm): L140 x W130
  • Roof protrusion (mm): 55
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