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Powertrain 2000W Pure Sinewave Inverter with Bluetooth Screen

Powertrain 2000W Pure Sinewave Inverter with Bluetooth Screen

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Convert 12V DC to efficiently power a wide range of 240V household appliances such as DVD players, TV's, laptops, hairdryers etc. Powertrain pure sinewave inverters are made to the highest quality and performance standards to emulate household power. This top of the line 2000W inverter features Bluetooth control with colour LCD detachable display, heavy duty aluminium housing and an RCD. The powertrain 2000W inverter provides 2000W pure sinewave AC power which is the best option for delicate electronics and on board appliances. The removable 2.4" LCD colour screen allows you to hide the inverter away out of sight, while still having access to view important information such as oputput power, input voltage and input current.


  • Removable 2.4 inch Bluetooth colour LCD display with touch screen functionality
  • Display has on/off switch for main unit & displays inverter input voltage, amperage, output AC wattage & low voltage warning
  • Dual 240V AC outlet
  • RCD switch for short circuit protection, instantaneous output cut-off for power leakage protection and to turn 240V AC output on or off
  • Automatic AC transfer switch when 240V AC input is detected
  • Low voltage warning at 11.5V with flashing voltage reading on the voltage gauge
  • Shuts down output at 11V along with visible warning on LCD screen
  • Over / under voltage, output short circuit, over temperature protection
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Continuous output power: 2000W
  • Minimum input voltage: 11V
  • Low voltage warning: 11.5V
  • Output voltage: 240V AC
  • Output frequency: 50 Hz
  • Output waveform: Pure Sinewave
  • AC transfer switch: Yes
  • RCD switch protection: Yes, 10A 240V AC
  • Protection: over/under voltage, overheating, overload & short circuit
  • Output overload protection (manual restart): 2100W
  • External fuse specification: 150a+
  • LCD screen extra cable length: 1.7M extension for 12V power supply
  • Includes DC power supply cables: 70cm AWG3 (25mm²)
  • Dimensions (mm): L460xW240xH100 
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