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Porta-Pak Toilet Chemical Sachets

Porta-Pak Toilet Chemical Sachets

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The Walex Porta-Pak toilet chemical comes in 10 pre-packaged portions eliminating the need to handle or measure liquids. Use this chemical, with it's advanced enzyme formula, by dropping it in your black tank or cassette along with 1-2 Litres of water. Each water soluble sachet has a fresh scent and dissolves instantly when dropped into the holding tank. The powerful formaldehyde-free formula breaks down waste and tissue, offering commercial-strength odour prevention. This product will treat up to 40 Gallons (151 Litres) per sachet and is supplied in a convenient zipper bag for easy storage.

Features / Specifications:

  • Unbeatable odour prevention
  • Pre-packaged portion control means no spills
  • Water soluble packet dissolves quickly
  • Rapid breakdown of waste and paper
  • Sensor cleaning and valve lubrication
  • Formaldehyde-free formulation
  • Ever-blue colour, non staining
  • Convenient zipper bag for easy storage
  • 10 portions per pack
  • 1 portion treats up to 40 Gallons (151 Litres)
  • Refresh every 4-5 days
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