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Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

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No need to guess the gas level of your gas bottle again. This handy gas level indicator magnetically attaches to the side of your gas bottle, it is a simple way to manage your gas usage. The indicator will function on all sizes of cylinders and is reusable, transferring easily from cylinder to cylinder. The strip on the gas level indicator ranges from "full" to "almost empty" to "time to refill".


  • Affordable solution to managing your gas usage
  • Gas must be on to get reading
  • Magnetic & reusable
  • Compatible with propane or LPG cylinders
  • Works on all sizes of cylinders
  • Colour scale to indicate gas level
  • Indicates 3 levels - full, almost empty, time to refill
  • Dimensions (mm): 65x100


  1. Apply the indicator near to the base of your cylinder, below the middle weld line, out of direct sunlight.
  2. Turn the gas on (this indicator works only when the gas is on).
  3. Wait 2-5 minutes before taking reading.
  4. Read the indicator:
  •  If the cylinder is full, the gas level is above the the indicator, no change in colour will show.
  •  When the gas level falls within the range of the indicator, the colour will change in at least one of the bars depending on the temperature outside.
  •  If more than one bar changes the left most bar will indicate the gas level.
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