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Fiamma F45L Wall Mounted 5M Awning, Royal Grey

Fiamma F45L Wall Mounted 5M Awning, Royal Grey

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Fiamma's best selling awning has had a few cosmetic changes, with the result being a more compact, functional and simple to use wind out awning. The Fiamma F45L series caravan and motorhome awnings are fast to set up and user-friendly. The lead bar now has two tracks allowing for use of a privacy screen and LED lights. This awning appears as a solid polar white case attached to the upper wall of your RV. When not in use, the F45L takes up little space while enclosed in its aluminium case. The awning is available in 2 colours, which is printed on both sides of the fabric, is UV resistant, waterproof and washable. A detachable winder is used to extend the awning doubling your living space in less than 1 minute. The front face of the sturdy case extends horizontally like a verandah- pulling the fabric out as it goes. When extended, unclip the telescopic legs from within the front face of the case then these are either pegged to the ground or attached to the side of your RV using wall brackets. On hot days this awning offers a cool and open space outside. During wet weather you can keep windows and doors open to allow air circulation.

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