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Fiamma 6 Roll Toilet Tissue

Fiamma 6 Roll Toilet Tissue

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Fiamma-soft is a specially designed super-soft toilet paper that quickly dissolves in your waste holding tank. It won't block your toilet making it more hygienic to use. Ordinary toilet paper doesn't break down easily and can cause blockages. Ideal for your caravan or motorhome toilet, when you use Fiamma-soft you prevent malfunctions or damage to your waste holding tank while also protecting its moving parts.

Features / Specifications:

  • Toilet paper recommended for portable and fitted toilets in your caravan or motorhome
  • Extra soft and dissolves rapidly to prevent clogging
  • Easier to empty waste holding tank
  • Prevents malfunctions or damage to the waste holding tank
  • Super-soft 2 ply
  • 300 Sheets
  • 6 Rolls per pack
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