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Dunny Stuff Plastic Jar with Scoop

Dunny Stuff Plastic Jar with Scoop

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Dunny stuff is a revolutionary method of controlling odour in chemical and portable toilets. Completely non-toxic, non sensitizing, safe for septic tanks and marine discharge and environmentally friendly. It can also be used to clean your waste holding tank This additive has no chemical or artificial smell and now comes in a convenient travel jar containing 336 grams with a scoop attached to the lid for the correct dosage.


  • Simple, no mess way of recharging your chemical toilet or grey waste holding tank
  • Effective in microbial and odour control
  • Safe for septic tanks and marine discharge
  • Non toxic to marine life
  • Catalyses breakdown of odour producing compounds in waste
  • Is an efficient and effective bacteriostat at usage levels
  • Totally biodegradable when diluted
  • Does not contain formaldehyde or its derivitives
  • Non irritant and non sensitising to skin
  • Convenient travel container and measuring scoop
  • No chemical or artificial smell
  • Contains 336 grams
  • Dosage: up to 1 scoop for 20L cassette, 1 scoop for 80L waste tank
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