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Coast 12 Volt Gas Detector

Coast 12 Volt Gas Detector

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This sensor is designed to detect dangerous concentrations of propane gas and alerts users to unsafe situations. When the gas level reaches 10% of the lowest explosion limit in the air the visual & audible alarm signal will activate. This gas alarm features three LED's. Red illuminates when the alarm has detected high concentrations of gas, yellow illuminates to indicate a fault with the unit and green confirms the DC power is present. The test button allows you to check the alarm operation. This alarm is designed to be wall mounted 0.3M above floor level.


  • Power input: 12V DC
  • Power consumption: 3.5W
  • Mounting type: Surface mount
  • Installation position: 2-4M from gas source, 0.3M above floor level
  • Test button: Test alarm function
  • LED's: Red=Alarm, Yellow=Fault, Green=Power
  • Alarm level: 10% of the LEL (lowest explosion limit) in the air
  • Alarm method: Visual & audible
  • Sound level: 70dB
  • Dimensions (mm): H135 x W82 x D41
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