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Cleanoxide Fresh Water Treatment, 8 Pack

Cleanoxide Fresh Water Treatment, 8 Pack

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Fresh water tanks in caravans, motorhomes and RV's need to be treated regularly ensuring there is no harmful build up of micro-organisms and biofilm. Due to RV's often not being used for prolonged periods of time, it is crucial to keep the water safe for cooking and consumption. Organic material in water tanks can be harmful to your health, negatively affecting the taste and odour of the water. The build up of biofilm in plumbing can also cause problems with the flow rate and longevity of your fresh water system. These Chlorine Dioxide tablets are a quick, convenient and effective way to treat your water tank. This product is harsh on bacteria but gentle on the environment with the tablets being biodegradable in direct sunlight. 100 to 400 Litres of water can be treated with just one tablet. Simply drop a tablet in your water tank and leave overnight.


  • Each pack contains 8x 4g tablets
  • Each tablet treats 100-400 Litres of water
  • Easy and convenient dosing
  • Effective over a broad pH range (4 to 10)
  • Controls bateria, fungi, viruses, biofilm and algae
  • Neutralises unpleasant taste and odours
  • Safer than Chlorine, CleanOxide does not react with ammonia or produce toxic compounds in contact with organic materials present in water
  • Effective at lower dose rates than chlorine or bromine
  • Non-corrosive at the recommended dose rates
  • Bio-degrades in sunlight, so no harmful effect on the environment
  • Micro-organisms do not develop resistance to CleanOxide
  • To be used the evening before water is needed
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