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Gipsy Caravans

Camec Towing Mirror Suction Fit

Camec Towing Mirror Suction Fit

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This single mirror can fit on either side of your vehicle. it attaches by suction to your existing mirror. For best results, ensure your wing mirrors are cleaned thoroughly before installing. This mirror is affordable and convenient to fit. Adjust rear vision from inside your vehicle using the vehicles electric mirror switch pad. The mirror locks its grip when the adjustment knob on the end of the mirror arm is turned clockwise. Anticlockwise releases the suction and the light, flat mirrors are off in an instant. While these mirrors are small they still provide clear, safe, vibration free rear vision. Their small surface area also means that they create less drag.


  • Ideal for towing caravans
  • Universal fitting
  • Fits either side of vehicle
  • Adjusts with vehicles power mirror
  • Installs in seconds
  • Vibration free rear vision
  • Flat glass
  • Storage bag included
  • Sold singularly
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