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Camec Premium Caravan Cover 6.6-7.3M

Camec Premium Caravan Cover 6.6-7.3M

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Camec Premium RV Covers have been designed to protect your caravan from exposure to harsh climatic conditions. It is specially manufactured using a composite of two materials, a water resistant roof section for maximum protection and weather resistant breathable side panels. This allows the cover to breathe and moisture to evaporate resisting rot and mildew. Ventilation flaps and a heavy duty reinforced skirt with an elasticised hem front and rear, provide a strong guard against damage from sharp objects. The cover will provide excellent protection against acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap, bird droppings, dust and weather damage. Incorporated into the complete range of covers, which are lightweight and easy to fit, are practical features such as nylon straps plus four reinforced tabs with eyelets at both the front and rear. This ensures the cover can be made nice and taught and securely fastened for all weather conditions.


  • 300D water resistant UV 50+ roof section
  • Water resistant breathable side panel
  • Reinforced skirt with dual nylon clip
  • Double stitched reinforced corners
  • Ventilation flaps
  • Soft non abrasive lining
  • To work out size of cover, measure the total length of the caravan from the longest point (exclude drawbar, bumper or wheel). Sides are adjustable to fit around the shape of the caravan.
  • Fits caravan 6.6-7.3M (22-24ft)
  • Width: 2.65M
  • Height: 2.4M
  • 3 Year warranty
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