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BMPRO 12V Battery Charger 15 Amp, 7 Stage

BMPRO 12V Battery Charger 15 Amp, 7 Stage

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To make sure your house batteries are ready for your weekend away, you need a reliable battery charger to keep your fridge and other accessories running at their peak. Batterycharge15 delivers high performance, intelligent charging which will increase your batterys life and performance. It can be used with 12V Lead Acid, AGM, GEL, Calcium, Wet and LiFePO4 Lithium batteries between 10-300Ah. You can also use the charger to recondition sulphated Lead Acid batteries or revive drained LiFePO4 batteries. Batterycharge15 is an automatic charger with seven charge states; desulphation, soft charge, bulk charge, absorption, analysis, recondition and float. Depending on the size of the battery, you can adjust the output current to 2,10 or 15 Amps. Moreover, it is ok to leave the battery permanently connected to the charger without damage or adverse effect on its performance. The smart battery charger has protective circuits to prevent it from sparking or overheating. The heavy duty steel body protects all components inside, making the unit extremely durable. It also features an informative LED interface, which indicates the stage of the charge cycle, selected battery chemistry and battery charge rate. Use the charger in power supply mode with a constant voltage of 13.6V DC or up to 10A to power appliances or tools which are otherwise 12V battery powered.


  • Multi stage, 7 stage micro digital processor
  • Suitable for charging Led Acid, AGM, Gel, Calcium, Lithium LiFeP04
  • Capable of charging battery sizes 10-300Ah
  • Adjustable Amp output
  • LED indicators show charge progress
  • Durable heavy duty steel casing
  • Overload and reverse connection protection
  • Power supply mode(can be used as a 15A bench top power supply)
  • Large clamps for easy battery connection
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Type: 7 stage
  • Rated for batteries: 10-300Ah
  • Battery type: Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Calcium, Lithium LiFeP04
  • Input: 240V, 50Hz
  • Input power: 270W
  • Output: 12V, 2/10/15 Amps
  • Nominal output voltage: 13.6V
  • Minimum start voltage: 8V
  • Output current (battery charge mode): 2/10/15A
  • Rated current (power supply mode): 13.6V 10 Amp Max
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