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Bigfoot Stabilizer Leg Support Set

Bigfoot Stabilizer Leg Support Set

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This is a corner stabilizer leg accessory designed to add additional stability to caravans on any surface. The Bigfoot is able to be fitted as an after market product to most Caravans or motorhomes on the market and remains a permanent accessory to the stabilizer leg. This unique product provides the existing stabilizer leg with a flat load bearing surface, which is ideal when parking the caravan on soft ground. This means that there is no longer a need to carry around pieces of wood to place under the stabilizer leg for support. In addition, the Bigfoot is skillfully designed to ensure that it stays still even when the caravan moves, protecting it from damage due to abrasion. With the Bigfoot attached to the stabilizer leg, the difficulties related with steadying your Caravan on soft ground will be a thing of the past.


  • Provides the corner jack with a flat load bearing surface
  • Designed to steady the weight of the caravan or trailer
  • Perfect for soft ground
  • Can be fit to most caravan stabilizer legs
  • Includes fitting instructions and all hardware
  • Set of 4
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