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12mm Speedfit 90 Deg Stem

12mm Speedfit 90 Deg Stem

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John Guest Speedfit is an easy to use, plastic push fit system suitable for the plumbing of hot and cold water. The flexible but firm piping system significantly reduces installation time without the need for specialist tools, providing a fast and secure way of connecting plumbing. Designed with mobile systems in mind the fittings can be easily fitted or removed as required. These 90 degree stem connectors are produced in black acetal copolymer and fitted with food grade nitrile 'o' rings. Extensive tests have shown that Speedfit products will withstand temperatures and pressures well in excess of normal working conditions. 

It is recommended that the appropriate locking clips & tube supports are used where applicable.

Features / Specifications:

  • Quick connect 90 degree stem
  • Made to suit 12mm push in plumbing
  • 12mm Speedfit connection
  • 12mm Stem connection
  • Push fit technology, quick connection without the need for tools
  • Food quality & suitable for drinking water
  • Black acetal copolymer construction
  • Food grade nitrile 'o'ring
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